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DVR Run Analysis - Seattle @ Oakland; 31-Oct-2010

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DVR Run Analysis - Seattle @ Oakland; 31-Oct-2010

Postby CamasMan » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:54 pm

Here's my weekly DVR analysis for the Seahawks/Raiders game...

* Worst game of the year. Lynch gets seven yards on nine carries. Forsett gets 11 yards on five.

Overall, we had 47 yards on 19 carries for 2.5 ypc. Most of the yards were from Washington (29 on five carries) during garbage time.

* Q1 - 0 yards on 5 carries. Lowlight: Hamilton and Ganther hold to give us a net -20 yards.

[13:10] The 0-line plays well, but the defense overloads the line. An unmatched LB forces Lynch left into a crowd. Hamilton might have released and gotten the LB, but it would have been a stretch. Gain of 1.
[9:55] Spencer lets his man come through. Lynch turns right, but Locklear's man is able to go to the outside. Not Locklear's fault. Loss of 2.
[9:26] Polumbus got pushed back and let his man shed the block. Lynch chose the wrong way around Polumbus. Lynch nearly broke the tackle back to the line of scrimmage, but slipped. Loss of 4.
[5:03] Hamilton got the pants beat off him and clearly held.
[4:41] Forsett gets a yard as Polumbus totally lost Seymour, who blew up the play. Hamilton had pulled, and Seymour litterally followed him.
[1:05] The D crowded the line. Ganther played the right guy, but got no push and no angle and clearly held for a penalty.
[:11] The D plays tough, but Spencer and Locklear win their battles as Andrews pulls. Forsett powers and fights for four yards, which would have been good, except it was 2nd and 28.

* Q2 - 3 yards on 2 runs. 1.5 ypc. Lowlight: 3rd and 1 and we go backwards one yard.

[8:54] The D crowds the line. The left side of the o-line, including Pitts at guard, plays great. Ganther picks up a DT in the backfield and holds, but doesn't get caught. (I think our coaches saw it though.) Lynch quickly chooses the right path around Pitts. Had Andrews been able to make his LB block, this would have been a HUGE play. Andrews is often too slow in the 2nd level.
[7:48] Ganther played so badly, they took him out and had Gibson play FB! Unfortunately, the DE literally threw Lockear aside and blew up the play as Lynch lost a yard on a shoestring tackle. It didn't matter though. It was 3rd and 1, the D was swarming to the ball, and Lynch had no chance.

* Q3 - 9 yds on 4 runs. 2.3 ypc. Highlights: Lynch gets 7 yards and a first down. His only good play of the game.

[14:28] The Raiders play for the pass on 2nd and 3. Pitts takes out the DT and delays the DE by himself(!) Polumbus goes to the second level as Spencer and Andrews get a nice push. Lynch finds the hole and beasts forward for seven solid yards.
[9:02] Polumbus rocks back maybe an inch or so. The DE goes offsides and Polumbus gets the false start. When it rains...
[9:02 again] Polumbus and Pitts cut their men, but the DE doesn't go down. Ganther gets to his man, but gets nothing going, which delays Lynch. Lynch gets 2 yards as he's tackled by the DE. If Ganther were more effective, give us six or more yards.
[8:02] Pitts lets his man get away as Polumbus runs to the second level with the DE untouched. Lynch retreats and breaks a tackle to beast for a 1 yard gain.
[4:33] Polumbus is beat on the outside, which blows up the play. Ganther gets his man, but again goes nowhere and Lynch gets sandwiched for a 1 yard loss.

* Q4 - 35 yds on 8 runs. 4.4 ypc. Highlight: Washington gets 21 yards and a first down in garbage time. Ganther is benched as we give up on the fullback position.

[13:18] Spencer and the left side are perfect in a 3 WR set. Andrews goes to the 2nd level effectively. Carlson trips Locklear, but they delay their men long enough as Forsett explodes to the hole for five yards. Locklear's man gets Justin's shoestring. Had Carlson not tripped Locklear, Forsett gets ten yards. One of those days.
[12:51] Bates is practicing this play as we run it again. This time, Andrews blasts forward, but doesn't handle the DT. Locklear and Carlson have the wrong angles, so Locklear helps with the DE. Forsett is hit by the DT for no gain.
[11:21] Same play again. The coach clearly wants the line to get this play right for a change! Again the defense on our right slices left. Andrews can't get upfield and the hole closes. Forsett makes a quick decision to go to around the right edge, but meets an unblocked LB for a gain of 1.
[7:16] Washington is now the RB. The DE is offsides, but is playing pass and overruns Washington. Gibson at left guard pulls and get the free LB. Locklear is perfect, feeding the DE to Andrews and then going for the LB. Spencer turns his man, buying Washington a whisker of time to shoot through the hole to find open space. Gain of 21.
[6:56] Carlson doesn't fully occupy the DE who spins and gets Washington's jersey. Great individual play. Washington was a bit slow making his cut. Spencer and our left side were perfect. Gain of 3.
[1:56] Charlie Whitehurst joins the game as Washington gains 3, but is caught from behind again.
[1:19] We are outnumbered on the line as the unmatched LB gets Washington for a 2 yard loss.
[:42] Bates actually calls for a pitch right. LW makes a man miss in the backfield and gets four yards. Could have been more, except Butler gives a wimpy block. What the heck. Game over.

* Overall Blocking - Ganther played the right guys but was really weak. It was so bad that Gibson played FB for a play and Ganther was pulled for Q4 and released after the game. Polumbus also had a poor game. Locklear made only one terrible play that led to a tackle. Hamilton had a hold, later got a bad concussion, and is now out for the season. Spencer played surprisingly well, though I wonder if he's not telegraphing his snaps. Andrews had a mixed running game with many good plays and a few stinkers. Pitts had one bad play, but had lots of good blocks - even at left tackle. I reallhy have to give credit to the Raider's defense for the win. This wasn't just Ganther and Polumbus' fault. Also, Polumbus came out for a few plays and it's possible that he was hurting through much of the game.

* Play calling - With the D on fire, I have no idea why Bates didn't make adjustments to slow them down. We should have pitched, screened and reversed until the Oakland D backed off. Charlie finally pitched the ball in the last play of the game, Washington got four yards and would have gotten more if Butler had thrown a real block.

* Runners - Two 1st Downs. No fumbles. No TDs. This wasn't Lynch's day as he was soundly attacked, play after play. He broke one tackle in the backfield, but slipped and was down. He made one or two questionable cuts, but that was it. The D simply swarmed him. Forsett blasted to the line like he was shot from a canon and makes his cuts without losing speed, but again the D was there to meet him. Washington broke one big one by inches. He's much better in the open field with high-speed turns than he is with 0-60 acceleration and quick cuts in a crowd.

* Overall - I didn't like Ganther last year and he was even worse this game. I hope we never need him again. Polumbus had a rough game and was probably banged up. Pitts looked solid in the running game. Let's hope his knee is strong enough to handle the rest of the season. The Oakland defense was simply on fire with great individual plays and aggressive coaching. Next to Ganther and Polumbus, Bates gets the blame as we didn't have a strategy for slowing Oakland's aggression.

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Postby South Sider » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:43 pm

Didn't think I would want to read it this week but then found myself more curious than ever as to who/why so bad. One question I got you say in the first quarter at 9:55 mark Spencer "let's" his guy through, then say "wasn't his fault", just curious, it was a designed for him to do so I take it?

Also, I was curious about how well Pitts faired overall. Sounds encouraging there. Regarding Andrews, your review just made me even more steadfast in my belief that he really really needs to be back at RT. We need some guards that can block at the second level so badly. It also arrouses my curiousity again about trying Locklear at LG while moving Andrews back over to RT. Maybe Locklear could get a few more of those second level blocks, prolly asking alot right there though, huh?
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Postby CamasMan » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:35 am

On the Q1 9:55 play, Spencer's man came through forcing Justin to go to the right of Locklear. Locklear was blocking his man to the outside, expecting Justin to run to his left. So even though Locklear's man made the tackle, the fault was with Spencer on that play.

What a flip though. Locklear had a bad game last week and came back to play well against Oakland. Spencer's play (aside from Q1 9:55) is improved from earlier games. Yet, our running game was horrid.

The Raider's D was wildly good. They loaded the box and attacked on running downs. The crowded the line on passing downs. The play calling was pure aggression and the individual play was stunning. They also got breaks, like getting ahold of a jersey's last thread and tripping a guy by his shoestring. Another inch on some plays, and we get decent yards. The breaks were on their side all day long. But hey, they made their good luck with great efforts.

Carroll and Bates have taken the "all about the ball" thing to the extreme. We've been avoiding pitches to avoid fumbles and avoiding screens to avoid pick sixes. They really didn't made adjustments that would slow Oakland down, and that was a mistake. Against the Giants, we had better slow down their defense (and burn them for their aggression) or we're in for a long day.
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Postby Stealth » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:56 am

Against the Giants, we had better slow down their defense (and burn them for their aggression) or we're in for a long day.

I believe we are in for a really long day anyhow. The Giants are really playing well. They may be the most balanced team in the NFC. I mean rally, who is better then them? With our injuries and lack of offense we are in trouble. Our Defense will not be the same without Red in there, I see a pretty good game coming up for Bradshaw, he has really been running well this year behind a solid O-Line.
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